Our Team

Team Based Care

The Central Montana Community Health Center uses care teams for the care of you and your family.  The teams consist of providers, nurses, medical assistants, case management, receptionists, and the billing department. Each team member uses their unique skill set to best meet your needs. Your provider and care team take the time to get to know you as a whole person and make an effort to develop a strong relationship with you.

One of the biggest responsibilites of our care teams is to coordinate patient care. We make sure you receive the right health care services in the right order, at the right time, and in the right setting. They also ensure that needed information is obtained and exchanged between each person involved in your care.

Meet Our Providers

Dr. Jacob Forke, MD

Care Team
Kristine Ophus, RN
Amanda Eades, MA

Dr. Benjamin Simpson, MD

Care Team
Erin Hansen, RN
Rayna Phelps, MA

Amber Close, APRN

Care Team
Taylre Sweeney, RN
Whitney Sweeney, MA

Connie Harvey, LCSW

Kelli Berg
Intern Mental Health Counselor